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Through years of experience in the Army as well as in corporate and private business, PowerTies Consulting Group boasts effective and time-honored solutions to various business challenges that help grow your teams, leadership, and business! Everything from training your team, building a great business plan, finding business funding resources, all the way to systematically building or refining an existing business -- PowerTies can help.

Through our coaching and consulting services, PowerTies helps businesses grow! Talking to one of our consultants makes it easy to understand where we can assist the most. Usually, our clients don't know exactly what they want to improve, only that they're sure that they want to improve. A 30-minute conversation with one of our consultants generally offers incredible insight, so it's well worth your time to spend some time with us!

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Grow with PowerTies Business Consulting

Turning passion into profit is an important aspect of business for us. We utilize talented professionals with skills, experience and ability to serve individuals, businesses, and governments. We deliver high-quality customized business solutions.

We know getting started is the hardest part. We have invested a ton of time in figuring out the best approach to business growth so you don't have to. Our customized business solutions will give you the road map you need all while avoiding the pit stops which deter business growth.

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Enhancing Your Business

Enhancing Your Business

Industries Served

Industries Served

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Developing any business into a thriving business may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it! You don't have to do it alone either. We can help build your teams and overall business processes to generate more clients, more revenue, and more profits!

What we do

Observe and Analyze Goals and Challenges

Our main goal is to really listen to you the client!

Customize Training and Business Development Solutions

We seek to provide powerful choices, not just give you boiler plate concepts.

Execute Training and Development

With our amazing associates, we will provide you expert training and consulting.

Foster a Long-Term Relationship of Success

We are here to build powerful ties, not just have one training session and leave.

Suggest other Businesses, Referrals, and Clients

No business grows alone and we seek to extend our proven network to our clients wherever it makes sense.

Re-assess Effectiveness of Training and Current Process

There is always value in stepping back and we will in order to either suggest improvements or to sustain the current process.