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Self-Help Training

Self Help Training

Self Help Training

Is your business short on clients and cash? Are you trying to understand why your pipeline of clients doesn't seem to be working? Do you want a way to turn on and off the marketing campaign faucet so that you can get clients when you need them?

Building a client base is easier with the right tools. Call our office or go to and find out how to get our self-assessment, self-paced guide to your business as a free gift! Then chat with a consultant to go over any challenges you discover.

One-on-One Solutions

One on One Solutions

One on One Solutions

Are you tired of learning everything on your own for your business? Do you have very little time for learning new skills -- marketing or otherwise -- because you are so busy just trying to do the work you have agreed to do for your customers? Sometimes there seems like there is just not enough time in the day!

Well, why do it all alone when you could have help? If you are interested in assistance, please visit make an appointment today and see all the benefits we have to offer. Our one-on-one coaching is of the highest caliber, and we can offer you solutions, templates, and weekly email topics that will feed you information on how to transform your business. And while you work on satisfying your own customers, we can help you learn how to do the marketing so you can find more ways to gain, convert, or retain more clients! 

Make an appointment at for a 30 minute consultation at no cost (in person or by screen share), and we will be happy to help you discover what a relationship with PowerTies Consulting Group can do for you and your business!

Powerful Connections

Powerful Connections

Powerful Connections

With a network that spans the world, PowerTies and its associates can help individuals and businesses in every corner of the world.

Building relationships through Leadership is a key function of how PowerTies is able to train and operate all over the world. Leaders shape the environment of our world. They are integral to every industry, team, and operation that has ever or will ever come into the world. 

Networking to find the leaders that can be your most important employees, business partners, and/or clients is difficult if you don't know where to look or what to do. PowerTies helps bring leaders together, and helps leaders demonstrate their abilities to future employers and business partners.All businesses including startups and well established companies all compete for clients and talent. 

The PowerTies Resume Program was established to review and pass along resumes for those who are looking for work! We take in resumes and pass them along "as is" to the various recruiters, businesses, and other contacts we have as a service to our world community. For this there is no charge, and we are happy to do it!

With a concentration on Military Members who are transitioning or PCS-ing (as well as their spouses/families), we have helped hundreds of people make transitions from the military and/or from one civilian job to the next.

We can help as a Career Coach or we can Review and Fix Resumes for a fee. We have become very good at offering counsel in career planning and resume enhancement. We help tell your story to employers and recruiters so that you land that next job! Military transition is tough -- we know because we went through it too -- and we'd like to get you on your way! Whether you're looking to open a new business or simply work for a good one, we can help!

Send any resumes you'd like forwarded (or worked on) to and tell us what you'd like us to do with it. We will be happy to forward it on or work with you to enhance the resume and/or plan your next career moves!

Kick-Start Program

Kick Start Program

Kick Start Program

If your business has been doing well, but you would like better managers, more motivation, or you just think you've hit a plateau, then we can help! 

Give us about 30 minutes and we will show you how you can get more revenue into your business this year! It is is our deepest desire to see your business succeed! Usually, all it takes is an outside perspective and a simple process to get the results you want! Even if you need resources -- like Marketing, Public Relations, Financing, Team Building Events, Public Speakers, or Monthly Coaching -- we can work with you to build programs with you or get our highly-recommended professionals to come work with you from our vast network of trusted colleagues!

Schedule a chat with a PowerTies Consultant at no charge in person or by screen share at or simply send an email for more information.


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First, we work to discover the identity of your company and your leadership style and help create a new tactical plan. 

Week 1: Building your Business Identity (Vision and End State). 

Week 2: Discover your Strengths and Weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and the strengths of your team. Mitigate or eliminate the risks and weaknesses.

Week 3: Create or improve a Tactical (Short­Term) businesses plan and processes.


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Next, we evaluate and improve the capabilities of your business and team. We discover the needs for training and put a plan in place.

Week 4: Build your team. Select the right skills and personalities.

Week 5: Create or improve your business and team focus. Create or improve a counseling process. Build a goal­oriented, focused plan.

Week 6: Reassess your needs to accomplish your goals. Remove distractions.


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Then, we evaluate your current network and focus on the skills and technology needed to build the network it takes to achieve your goals.

Week 7: Initiate or improve your technical presence. Analyze your marketing effectiveness.

Know the cost of new and repeat clients.

Week 8: Create or improve the outreach skills of your team. Learn to peak your potential clients’ interest and stay in your clients’ memory.

Week 9: Create a system for a true and replenishing pipeline of business.


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Finally, we initiate the systems needed to direct the team’s actions and deliver the services you truly want, help you communicate, and sustain your growth.

Week 10: Create a quality process to respond to your business requests.

Week 11: Communicate your vision to your team and clients regularly.

Week 12: Become a learning organization. Create a Strategic business plan, a Training plan, a Succession plan, and a database of lessons learned.

Estimated Cost: $5000 per month. (Ask about customized pricing for alternate plans and needs.)

Get Started

Don't sit around waiting for change to happen, contact us and make it the future you want it to be!


Developing any business into a thriving business may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it! You don't have to do it alone either. We can help build your teams and overall business processes to generate more clients, more revenue, and more profits!