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About Us

PowerTies Consulting Group is founded on building powerful business relationships. Keith Tully (CEO) is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. At the Academy, he learned the value of building strong, personal relationships with his fellow cadets through four years of intense leadership training in preparation for a future in military service. The lessons and principles that apply at West Point also apply to business relationships. 

Our Business Consulting Philosophy

It takes leadership and commitment to run make changes to your life or business in today’s complex and changing environment. However, while some people struggle, others continue to grow into leaders. What is the difference? The difference is partly how much people have been able to actively hone their skills. However, more than that, success is dependent on how deep relationships are within your world. Mutual respect and understanding between people in key positions make doing anything easier. You want to change your world, learn to build powerful ties to people and you'll see your life and business change for the better. 

With a strict code of ethics, forged by the teachings of West Point and the Army, PowerTies builds strong relationships with its clients through analysis that delivers results and builds relationships. There is no magic pill that will transform you. It takes time, effort, direction, and integrity to build long-­term, effective relationships, mindset, and skills. All the members of the team at PowerTies have done the work necessary for success. Now, PowerTies delivers its assistance and referrals to all of its clients with accurate and deliberately ­positive results.

Meet the CEO

Keith Tully was born in Queens, New York. He graduated from West Point in the summer of 2001. He has spent his life taking apart the foundations of processes that lead to better business practices and better life habits. Now he works with business owners, CEOs, managers, and others to help them build their lives and businesses.

Since leaving the Academy, Keith has trained in business and entrepreneurship through his own efforts and experience, as well as school and other training. He has also dedicated his time to building a network of referral partners and experts in their field who have helped him to train and inspire members of the workforce  in several small and large businesses. His passion for developing the people around him and positively influencing business processes for his clients is second to none.

Central to his philosophy is that business gets done by having the right people involved – both service providers and customers alike. The synergy that is created when two people need and respect one another in a business relationship provides the energy for long­-term business partnerships and powerful customer relations! It is this passion and energy that Keith endeavors to create within every relationship that he builds within his network.

Keith has generated his network since before he left the military in 2007. Establishing PowerTies Consulting Group in 2014, he now increases the level of already high-­quality service and expertise to his clients. He has increased his capabilities steadily, and now provides amazing services that develop processes and skill sets to help bring businesses to the next level!

Currently, PowerTies works from Queens, NY. At PowerTies Consutling Group has a singular dedication to the network of friends and business partners we have built in helping them create inner success habits and make the best decisions for their lives and businesses. Keith often reflects on how truly humbled he is at the opportunities that this powerful network has accomplished. Keith is proud to lead this organization and looks forward to the future and what who it will add to the network with it!


Success for family businesses is achieving seamless intergenerational leadership transitions, enhanced business performance, and increased family harmony. This involves cultivating competent and confident heirs ready to lead, implementing effective communication and management practices, and ensuring sustainable growth and profitability, thereby securing the family’s legacy for future generations.