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  • Keith Tully

    Keith Tully

    Puts together his US Army, Corporate, and Small Business Owner experience to deliver high-quality leadership messages and positive impacts, Author, Adjunct Business College Professor, Entrepreneur

    Keith Tully

    Keith is a highly talented and transformational Leader and Coach. He currently is the CEO at PowerTies Consulting Group. He has worked his whole life towards helping others succeed, and he puts together his US Army, Corporate, and Small Business Owner experience to deliver high-quality leadership messages and positive impacts to all the people with whom he comes into contact. PowerTies combines powerful connections, skills training, and implementation accountability to deliver amazing results for organizations through their leaders. PowerTies Consulting is the result of a heartfelt commitment to service to people throughout the world.

    Keith began his U.S. Army career as an enlisted Medic at Fort Drum, New York. He applied to West Point and was accepted through the Army upon completion of his attendance at the U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS). While attending West Point, his most cherished time was when he served as the Vice-Chairman of Education on the Honor Committee. He graduated from West Point in 2001. He started his service as an Army Officer in the 1-87 Infantry Battalion as a Military Intelligence officer. Within his first assignment, he was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After 3 years at Fort Drum, he became a qualified Captain and served two tours in South Korea, culminating in a successful Company Command for the Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade.

    After 6 years as an officer, Keith decided to leave the military to pursue a civilian career. He ran his own property management company in Queens, New York. He then became the Operations Manager and Sales Director for a privately-owned self-storage company. He served briefly as a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual, and then continued his journey by working as a Director of Client Relations at the Thayer Leader Development Group up at West Point. He most enjoyed helping the elite of Corporate America build and execute some of the best leadership training and experiences of their lives.

    Later, as an adjunct professor at Aston American University, he helped build and teach courses for business professionals around the world centered on Entrepreneurship and Search Engine Optimization.

    In his spare time, he gives back to the communities he cares about the most: Veterans, US Army, West Point, High Schools (especially Townsend Harris HS), Baruch College, and the Association of Talent Development, Young Men Strong, and Once Upon A Time, and his local church, along with others. He enjoys developing peer, mentor, and business relationships with those who believe in choosing a path in their life and/or business journey where they can truly "Win from Within".

    Keith earned his MBA at the University of Phoenix in 2015 around the same time he authored his first book 10 Front-Line, Insider Marketing and Business Secrets That Really Work: Proven Effective Tips from a Business Consultant. In 2021, Keith authored a second book called Values-Centered: A Practical Faith Journey for Life and Business Decision-making. He also provides a podcast called a Daily Dose of Power on the Anchor application (, Spotify, iTunes, and PonoU ( with an online Mighty Network community to match. At PonoU, he’s planning to offer more courses based on his books as well.

    He currently lives in Queens, New York with his wonderful wife and his two amazing sons.

  • Kris Yagel

    Kris Yagel

    Gives back to Community by Publicly Sharing his Experience, Public Speaker, TedX Speaker,

    Kris Yagel

    Kris Yagel is a servant leader with a proven record of winning. Believing that everyone has value and purpose, he passionately helps others to recognize the worth that lies within themselves and then equips and mentors them to achieve their highest potential.

    Success came early on for Kris. After building a foundation as a scholar athlete, he became his high school’s first attendee of The United States Military Academy at West Point. Following the Academy’s rigorous four-year course of personal development, he graduated and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. By empowering his subordinates and building cohesive teams, Kris received top honors as a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team commander and Army base police chief in the wake of 9/11 and as an Army unit commander of over 100 active duty soldiers.

    After six years of military service, Captain Yagel decided to leave the Army to lead others in the corporate world. He reached top honors, again, in the new endeavors of project management, medical device sales, and business development. Ultimately, after taking stock of his experiences, Kris realized that his life had been a carefully woven sequence of events that prepared him to continue serving others by founding his leader development, team optimization, and inspirational speaking company, Diligent Plans.

    Today, Kris is known as a gripping motivational speaker, astute consultant, innovative trainer, and empathetic connector.

    His motto is simple: Do whatever it takes to help others grow.

  • Maria Baez

    Certified Coach,

    Maria Baez

    Maria Baez is an author/speaker whose first book, What​ is Happening To Me? What Do I Do?,​ written in 2011 has changed the lives of many young girls around the world (in both English and Spanish) on how to overcome the process to becoming a woman. After enduring a difficult childhood born in the Dominican Republic, and then immigrating to the United States, she has been a single mother who has taken care of her medically challenged daughter for over 16 years. She has worked her way up from having nothing to becoming a true expert in Immigration and Corporate Human Resources policies, practices, and procedures. Maria is a Devry Keller School of Management graduate with a Master's in Human Resources. She has transformed herself from her poor, immigrant status to the successful, inspiring level of a true professional.

    Maria simply wants to promote a world where everyone is full of joy and harmony. She also wants to help everyone she meets to accomplished their dreams. Maria is one of the world’s leading authorities on overcoming obstacles, keeping your head up, moving forward, and finally tasting success! Maria’s deepest passion is to work on Transformational Events ­ making new connections to inspire others to personal growth. You can most often find her supporting her clients to attain their goals through her private Personal Development Coaching practice. Maria has a logical mind and a keen sense of who she is and what she can accomplish. She is always dedicated to her work no matter what the circumstance. Her practice allows her to channel these skills to her clients’ benefit. She brings out the best in those she helps.

    Maria knows that people are what make the difference in any business. She knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them to produce outstanding results. Sharing her success strategies with multinational corporations ­ such as Unilever and Parmalat ­ has proven the positive impact of her best business practices within high­ stress, corporate organizational environments. Combining some professional leadership development, and various business strategies, Maria finds joy in working with people at all levels and with various skill sets. She helps them to be able to make their own clear and positive choices. She helps them guide their own lives, careers, and destinies. Most importantly, Maria is committed to helping her clients awaken their inner power, capabilities, and influences to get to the next level of self ­empowerment. It doesn’t matter at what stage in the process her clients begin. Maria has the tools to help them inject vitality into their lives and work. By teaching people how to escape in “7 Steps” from their current stressful situations and blocked thoughts, Maria teaches her clients to embrace their goals and do the work it takes to achieve the success they deserve. 


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