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Business Solutions

One-on-One Business and Life Coaching

Business and Life Coaching

This is the main service we offer. Take a moment and think about what's next for you. You have it in your mind? If you do, you're ahead of the game because most of our clients haven't even thought about this. They only know that they aren't happy or that there's more out there for them, and they just haven't figured out how to get it. Most of our clients need to talk it out first.

One-on-One sessions are the best way to open your mind to new paths and opportunities around you. Get personal with us, figure out your next move, and make a plan that will get you where you want to go. Start taking action from the very first session. Build in daily inspiration, accountability, and direction to your routine.

Make an appointment at for a 30 minute consultation at no cost (in person or virtually), and we will be happy to help you discover what a relationship with PowerTies Consulting Group can do for you life and/or your business!

Personal And Team Training

Self Help Training

Self Help Training

Businesses always run into challenges. Preparation is the key to flexibility. Building a strong, resilient and innovative team is how great companies prepare for the most difficult times that are inevitable. Will your business be short on clients and cash? Why does your marketing not seem to be working? Does your team contribute or just bring you issues to solve? Do your employees constantly give you the best suggestions and implement them without your guidance? Is your business reflective of a strong, flexible culture?

Building a strong team is easier with the right tools. Call our office or go to and find out how to get our self-assessment, self-paced guide to your business as a free gift! Chat with a consultant to go over any challenges you discover, or already know, and see if some team training is right for you. Get your team inspired and your business directly reflective of your goals and values.

Powerful Networking

Powerful Connections

Powerful Connections

Building your client base and network is key to the best opportunities in life and business. As they say, "It's not what you know, but who you know." We believe strongly in this sentiment because it has proven itself over and over in our line of business. Getting you to the right people is our specialty. It takes some time and work, but it is always a better experience than trying to go it alone.

With a powerful network, PowerTies and its associates can help individuals and businesses in every corner of the world.

Building relationships through Leadership is a key function of how PowerTies is able to train and operate. Leaders shape the environment of our world. They are integral to every industry, team, and operation that has ever or will ever come into being. So, we train them, but no one gets what they want alone.

Networking to find the leaders that can be your most important mentors, influences, employees, business partners, and/or clients is difficult if you don't know where to look or what to do. PowerTies helps bring leaders together, and helps leaders demonstrate their abilities to future employers and business partners. 

We always have time for a new connection, and we communicate with them regularly. We don't like to recommend people we don't have a chance to vet and build a relationship with. We teach how to do this for the best networking practices as well. 

Get Started

Don't sit around waiting for change to happen, contact us and make it the future you want it to be!

All PowerTies Consulting Group training contains the following attributes: 


  • Personality evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses in soft skills for life and/or work

  • Flexibility to add on skills applicable to individual needs

  • Coach-guided and Self-Evaluation

  • Optional access to analysis and evaluation from peers and/or circle of influences

  • Assessment of current Goals and Values


Choose from over 100 courses and programs from within our group or within our network:

Goal Setting                                         Leadership

Time Management                               Having Difficult Conversations

Values Orientation                               Practical Faith in Real Life

Leadership Philosophy                        Empathy Building

Public Speaking                                   Communicating with your Leaders

Negotiation                                           Communicating with your Team

Team Building                                      Building a Culture

Trust Building                                       Making the Best Decisions                         And More...


  • Inspire yourself and others

  • Begin taking action

  • Develop better relationships

  • Communicate better with others

  • Use the worksheets, courses, and other tools available


  • Be an authentic leader

  • Learn from your and others’ failures

  • Build in processes that help you recognize, record, and measure your actions

  • Continue your Coaching (only as long as you want it)


Developing any business into a thriving business may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it! You don't have to do it alone either. We can help build your teams and overall business processes to generate more clients, more revenue, and more profits!