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  • Daily Dose of Power Podcast

    Join us on (or Google Podcasts or Spotify or iTunes) and get your Daily Dose of Power by listening to the episodes that form a list of topics and some interviews posted by Keith Tully, the CEO of PowerTies Consulting Group, as he discusses practical and important topics of business and life that he has come across in his coaching that can help us all relate a little bit better to the world around us. It's free (for now), and please feel free to comment and send questions and topics you'd like to hear about as well! Win from within and make the best decisions of your life! Click Here.

  • Daily Dose of Power Online Community

    Sometimes people just need to get some positivity and mentorship in their lives, and the Daily Dose pf Power Online Community does just that. With some (almost) daily thoughts, words of wisdom, discussions, memes, and other social-media-friendly ideas, members of this community get to interact with other members and give and get what they need each day to make their world a little brighter. It's always a good thing to be able to get some realistic, practical positivity going in one's life at least once a day. Read along or contribute today! Click here. 

  • 10 Front-Line, Insider Marketing and Business Secrets that Really Work

    By opening this book you will have already taken an important step towards increasing the success of your business and your own effectiveness in the worldwide workplace. You are taking control of the journey on your quest to enhance your business, leadership, and marketing skills. As you follow the book and read the principles contained within it, remember it does not matter what industry or type of business you operate. What matters is that you take to heart the principles, the underlying lessons and strategies, that can help you grow any operation in any category of business imaginable.

    You can purchase this business book 10 Front-Line, Insider Marketing and Business Secrets That Really Work: Proven Effective Tips from a Business Consultant directly on Amazon.

  • Values-Centered: A Practical Faith Journey for Life and Business Decision-making

    With this book, Keith Tully hopes that each reader is inspired to think deeply about why they get up in the morning. He hopes that it inspires people to get back to their roots in faith (or develop some) because those basics that we learn as children build us into the people we are today. In fact, it has been said that by 9 years old, we have determined all our core values for our life. Keith thinks that there is hope for change even into adulthood, and it’s never too late to create the life you really want. If you look inward and create your goals and values lists, Keith believes that you can make the very best decisions in your life and/or business.

    All this book does is show you the author's journey which he hopes inspires you to discover and write down stories about your own path. You don’t have to publish your story, but a journal could be very powerful to use along with reading this book. The gift intended for each reader of Values-Centered is that each one deserves an innovative and independent set of thoughts through which to navigate the world in the best way possible. Helping people get to this stage in life is the ultimate goal of this book. Hopefully, Values-Centered sparks some of those thoughts for you!

    A culture where we center our lives around the values we hold dear and forge those values from the best parts of our nature could make a tremendous difference in each of our lives. We’re letting our youth and ourselves down if we don’t teach our young men and women to be strong, productive members of the world starting with their own inner-strength first. Goals and Values play a huge role in centering ourselves, gaining self-confidence, and setting a base for our youth (and adults too) to build upon for all their other successes in life.

    The hope is that all readers use the story and lessons learned within this one journey to search for and find their own Goals and Values, so they’ll feel centered and confident enough to go shine their light in the world!


  • Online Services

    In addition to information you can find on this website, we have made our products digitally available to purchase on our web store. Services include:

    • Consulting Services
    • 30-Page Business Plan
    • Speaking Engagement
    • Leadership Events
    • More...

    If you have any questions about our services, just contact us!


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