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Working with PowerTies Consulting builds values-centered leaders!

Your Trusted Partner in Family Business Succession and Successor Coaching

At PowerTies Consulting, we understand the unique challenges faced by wealthy business families. As a successful, values-centered Family Business Succession Planner and Successor Coach, our mission is to help your family preserve its legacy while preparing the next generation to lead with confidence and competence.

Why PowerTies Consulting?

Our approach is grounded in professionalism, empathy, and a deep understanding of family business dynamics. We provide tailored solutions that address the specific needs of your family and business, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success.

The Challenges We Address

Family businesses often face a myriad of challenges, including:

  • Nepotism and Resentment: Ensuring fair treatment and professional growth for all family members and employees.
  • Lack of Clear Communication Channels: Implementing structured communication protocols to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Strategic Succession Planning: Preparing for smooth leadership transitions to secure the future of the business.
  • Building a Strong Work Ethic: Cultivating the skills and dedication required for effective leadership.
  • Family Conflicts: Resolving disputes and fostering harmony within the family.
  • Resistance to Change: Encouraging the adoption of modern practices and innovations.

Ready to Secure Your Legacy?

At PowerTies Consulting, we are committed to helping your family business thrive. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how we can help your heir become the leader your business deserves.

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We'll chat for 30 minutes about your challenges, and we'll do a shallow dive. If we agree that you want to do more with us, we'll spend a 2-hour session with you in a paid deep-dive session and we'll determine your very best way forward before you have to commit any large resources or funds. Understand up front that there are no templates, or special courses, or little tricks here. This is just straight-talk and proven methods of changing lives and businesses for the better!

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"My company was started with a van and a dream, and now I own a full-service Dry Cleaners, a Laundromat, and many routes, and it was PowerTies Consulting who guided me each time I had a question. Thank you!"

- Dan at MobilePro Cleaners, New York

"I use Keith's book at my meetings to know how to best use my time, organize my people, and just get better ideas on how to run my business here and abroad. PowerTies is a smart choice, and the smartest one I ever made was to work with them. Keith knows his stuff."

- Andrew at Unik Advertising, New York

"Hi Keith! I wanted to write with some good news. About 2 yrs ago after I got my MBA, when you helped me spruce up my resume and Linkedin profile, it helped me get a job as a defense contractor, performing an audit for one of their clients. Just recently, I got promoted to employment with the same company! So, I'm no longer contracting. Now, I'm working on the internal audit aspect of this engagement. I'm beyond excited about having a career! I wanted to thank you for your life and career advice, and social media and resume help. It's really started me on the career I want! Thank you!"

Jen at Defense Contractor Employment, Texas


What Happens When You Don't Have A Coach?

Losing time with your family.

Wasting Time in general.

Losing direction, focus, and accountability.

Underperform as leaders or employees.

Distractions absorb leadership teams.

Old goals never get accomplished.

No deliberate hiring process ever emerges.

Employees turnover rapidly.

Salary and Promotions become stagnant.

Old issues and habits are repeated.

You're fighting an uphill battle at all times. 


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Important Mindset

Mission Statement


Success for family businesses is achieving seamless intergenerational leadership transitions, enhanced business performance, and increased family harmony. This involves cultivating competent and confident heirs ready to lead, implementing effective communication and management practices, and ensuring sustainable growth and profitability, thereby securing the family’s legacy for future generations.

What we do

Observe and Analyze Goals and Challenges

Our main goal is to really listen to you the client!

Customize Training and Business Development Solutions

We seek to provide powerful choices, not just give you boiler plate concepts.

Execute Training and Development

With our amazing associates, we will provide you expert training and consulting.

Foster a Long-Term Relationship of Success

We are here to build powerful ties, not just have one training session and leave.

Suggest other Businesses, Referrals, and Clients

No business grows alone and we seek to extend our proven network to our clients wherever it makes sense.

Re-assess Effectiveness of Training and Current Process

There is always value in stepping back and we will in order to either suggest improvements or to sustain the current process.