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Working with PowerTies Consulting builds values-centered leaders to achieve your best life and business!

PowerTies Consulting Group believes in doing things a little differently: Everything in your journey begins with aligning your values and goals!

I didn't believe in myself when I left for the Army in 1995. I thought I'd fail out of boot camp! But I didn't. 

I always wanted to help people but I didn't know what I wanted to help them do. In the Army, I learned leadership and emotional intelligence. Then I studied business and went on to build a successful Life and Business Consulting practice but it wasn't without hardships.

I had to learn to believe in myself. Now I shortcut the process for others.

It's belief that inspires innovation and success. And your life is not simple. It's hard. So belief can be hard to come by sometimes.

Learning to bring your A-game every day is a tough sell. Let's focus on getting to the next level. You'll realize that coaching from people without experience really doesn't help. I believe you're like an athlete, and every athlete needs a good coach who knows the game to tweak their performance sometimes.

Come to PowerTies Consulting Group if you are ready to start on a magnificent journey. We will challenge you, and you'll be better for it. Take the leap and begin a new path. Your path doesn't have to lead to boredom and/or frustration. You've had enough of that. You now want a path that leads to you getting what you really want and need! Let's find that path that makes you a better leader (even if you're only leading yourself). Let's figure out how to build that team. Give yourself a chance to forgive yourself for past failures and move forward! We can do this together.

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We'll chat for 30 minutes about your challenges, and we'll do a shallow dive. If we agree that you want to do more with us, we'll spend a 2-hour session with you in a deep-dive and we'll determine your very best way forward. There are no templates, or special courses, or little tricks. This is just straight-talk and proven methods of changing your life and business for the better and it ends with belief! You will learn and practice the skills for being the best you can be.

Our clients find more energy and focus while they reduce stress and enhance their performance. If you're looking for a better version of yourself, your team, or your business, you'll be able to develop your own new habits, belief systems, and a personal or business culture centered around high performance with simple, effective techniques over time.

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"My company was started with a van and a dream, and now I own a full-service Dry Cleaners, a Laundromat, and many routes, and it was PowerTies Consulting who guided me each time I had a question. Thank you!"

- Dan at MobilePro Cleaners, New York

"I use Keith's book at my meetings to know how to best use my time, organize my people, and just get better ideas on how to run my business here and abroad. PowerTies is a smart choice, and the smartest one I ever made was to work with them. Keith knows his stuff."

- Andrew at Unik Advertising, New York

"Hi Keith! I wanted to write with some good news. About 2 yrs ago after I got my MBA, when you helped me spruce up my resume and Linkedin profile, it helped me get a job as a defense contractor, performing an audit for one of their clients. Just recently, I got promoted to employment with the same company! So, I'm no longer contracting. Now, I'm working on the internal audit aspect of this engagement. I'm beyond excited about having a career! I wanted to thank you for your life and career advice, and social media and resume help. It's really started me on the career I want! Thank you!"

Jen at Defense Contractor Employment, Texas


What Happens When You Don't Have A Coach?

Losing time with your family.

Wasting Time in general.

Losing direction, focus, and accountability.

Underperform as leaders or employees.

Distractions absorb leadership teams.

Old goals never get accomplished.

No deliberate hiring process ever emerges.

Employees turnover rapidly.

Salary and Promotions become stagnant.

Old issues and habits are repeated.

You're fighting an uphill battle at all times. 


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Enhancing Your Business

Enhancing Your Business

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Developing any business into a thriving business may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it! You don't have to do it alone either. We can help build your teams and overall business processes to generate more clients, more revenue, and more profits!

What we do

Observe and Analyze Goals and Challenges

Our main goal is to really listen to you the client!

Customize Training and Business Development Solutions

We seek to provide powerful choices, not just give you boiler plate concepts.

Execute Training and Development

With our amazing associates, we will provide you expert training and consulting.

Foster a Long-Term Relationship of Success

We are here to build powerful ties, not just have one training session and leave.

Suggest other Businesses, Referrals, and Clients

No business grows alone and we seek to extend our proven network to our clients wherever it makes sense.

Re-assess Effectiveness of Training and Current Process

There is always value in stepping back and we will in order to either suggest improvements or to sustain the current process.