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Talking About... Accomplishing More By Doing Less

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 – The conversation was a good one tonight, and we all started by thinking about the concept in a few ways: 1. focus, 2. taking big swings, and 3. looking at the "right" things.

It all sounds confusing, but I believe that we agreed that accomplishing more by doing less is a matter of focus. If you figure out what's important, and you focus on those things while delegating or eliminating them completely, you'll have more time to focus on your more important things. That will then take less time because you've got fewer distractions.

However, if you look at millionaires and billionaires and how they use their time and assgn themselves tasks, you'll find that they usually have about three things a day that they actually have to do. They've gotten to the point where all their actions are "BIG SWINGS" though. They don't need to sweat the details at all because they have "people" for that.

Still, I think that is the exact point... focusing on the things that matter is the most important thing.

Finally, we all agreed that remembering to "Treat people like people" is what glues all your actions together and aligns it with your purpose in life. This, then, builds your relationships and helps your business grow at the same time.


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