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Talking About... The Law of Discovery

OCTOBER 14, 2022 – At tonight's meet-up we were Talking About... the Law of Discovery, and for sure we had a wonderful conversation around the topic. Here are some basic nuggets that came to light: 

1. Read the book "The Science of Getting Rich", and perhaps "Fast Lane Millionaire", and "Atomic Habits". (Source: Stephan)

2. Watch the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" (Source: Stephan)

3. There is a science to attracting the things that you want in your life. Positivity and Patience are a  by-product of the energy you put into focusing on the things that you want, and the passion and purpose that you use to get them. (Source: Stephan)

4. Lazy isn't always bad - inventions and innovations come from making things easier and "better" than before. (Source: Keith)

5. The more responsibility you get in an organization, the less you will "work in the business" if you're watching over the whole organization and working "on" the business. (Source: Keith/Stephan)

6. Learn to have the clarity and patience to work and focus on what you really want (Source: Nikolai/Alex).

7. If you release your expectations, you'll actually get what you want faster! (Source: Stephan).

8. Learn to take calculated risks, and follow your intuition (Source: Keith/Stephan).

9. Your approach to learning can determine how high, fast, or lasting your success will be. (Source: Keith).    

10.  Extract, Simplify, Purify, and Repeat all your processes for best results (Source: MDW Design)

11. Making stories and experiences last longer than things and how much Discovery you will do in your life. (Source: Stephan/Nikolai).

12. Gratitude changes your approach to everything you do in life (Source: Keith/Stephan).

That was a great session. I want to thank everyone for participating who came, and for all those who just came to listen as well! We'll do it again next week! @Stephan Stavrakis @Nikolai Derek @MDW DESIGN LTD @Joon Choi @Salena Billings @MrTrip1et @Sean Shanahan @Rho @Andrea McCoy @Amgad Saleem @LaRon Rhone


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